A smarter approach to improve operational performance

Houseman Solutions and SoftExpert team with you to implement major operational improvements and reduce complexity and cost.
The Shingo model lays out the building blocks to achieve a culture of excellence, we focus on the “Enablers”, including the quality management systems and creating engaged and accountable teams.

North Star

Reduce Cost and Time, Improve Quality and Morale

Key Goals
a) Create clearer accountability
b) Communicate strategy
c) Reduce lean wastes
d) Improve customer intimacy
e) Improve teams productivity

Create transparency

Learn how you can build strategy maps and connect initiatives to portfolios, projects and action plans. Improve engagement and transparency and execution capability.

Control documents across all your operational processes

Learn how to manage your controlled documents and integrate critical information to processes, projects, audits

Develop your talent, aligned with strategy

Capability is a critical element of quality and your overall company strategy. We show you how to build organisational competency , apply to roles, assess and develop through our Human Development solutions.

Automate and measure process performance

We demonstrate the power of the process across the organisation by showing you how to automate the non conformance process, linking to root cause analysis and CAPA plans.

We will save you up to 20% of your teams time per year

Our partner SoftExpert is a leading Operational Quality platform, when you have manual processes or too many isolated applications.