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Capability and capacity are the gaps that slow down the implementation of your strategy. We provide specialist knowledge and capability in four areas that are often executed poorly . Refer to our SERVICES page for more information

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Bite sized & packaged  
Management Consulting

Our mission is to make you stronger by bringing smart and pragmatic business and digital experience to your leadership team.

Four key problems we help you solve

Our “Accelerator” approach, means we bring a repeatable approach to your teams, building the capability and monitoring progress to keep costs low.

Process Accelerator

Define your process first

Process thinking and smart design supports everything you do. 

Our pre packaged offering is designed to show you how to design a process thinking approach across functional boundaries.

Customer Excellence, ERP transformation, Risk & compliance, Operational Improvement

Ideation Accelerator

Solving hard problems

Get started with incremental innovation. We help you to get started in a practical bite-sized way. 

Apply this approach for a customer experience process improvement area, or to assess the current state of your enterprise systems.

How do you engage the teams to continually improve ?

Get Fit for ERP

Enterprise systems -ERP

Our research shows that being “un-fit” for an Enterprise Software upgrade or replacement is strongly correlated with massive pain at go live.

Our focus on the full lifecycle of your selection evaluation, getting fit, and measuring the outcomes means wherever you are with your journey , we can help.

Benefits Accelerator


From initial business case development, executive engagement and managing the benefits realisation. 

Very few leadership teams ever know if the investment delivers on the business case objectives.

Disruption cycles used to be 70+ years.
fail to realise the expected erp benefits
have a viable operating model
Effective ideation cultures grow ebit

Problems we know well..

Our mission is to make you operationally stronger faster. 


ERP or CRM needs modernising. Don’t just upgrade or go to market without the preparation. 

80% of CIOs select software without “getting fit” first. Here is where we help you.


You lead a team and want to create a culture where the best ideas win.

MIT Sloan found a strong correlation between earnings and an ideation first culture


Your processes are complex. We have developed a process thinking approach that is recommended as a foundation for you operational excellence programme. Want to know more ?


Little emphasis is placed on the key objectives and if they are meeting your business case hypothesis.

Our benefits realisation offering is designed to quickly identify real and tangible benefits

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So, if you are not making progress fast enough across your operational excellence programme and you need an independent perspective and help to get moving and deliver, let’s have an initial discussion.

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