Our passion to make you stronger, faster

Our value proposition is designed to provide you with leadership and know how in bite sized chunks that are highly impactful and speed up your strategic delivery. We are different to other Management Consulting firms – we don’t have a billing target, but an outcomes goal, that we can measure together. 


You need a modern ERP system that replaces your legacy solution. We have led large ERP replacement cycles and have developed a packaged five stage approach to take your team through this highly complex transition safely and with much higher quality decisions.

We know from experience that doing anything serious without “getting fit” is fraught with pain and hidden costs.


You realise that the best ideas are the result of engagement of the team members that are operating closest to the customers, but don’t know how to get started. We have developed an “Ideation Accelerator” that brings process and software together to teach you how to do this effectively and win the hearts and minds of your team.


Your operational backbone is dependent upon smart and simple processes. We help you find out your current C.H.A.R.M.E.D score. ( Complexity, Hand Overs, Approvals, Rework, Movement, Expertise and Delays.)

Our “Process Excellence Accelerator” has been designed to help you focus on one core business process and re design the process while showing you the cost and metric improvements. We bring lean expertise and smart software to start small but think big.


Whether you need a business case developed or realise your original expectations are not being measured as the project progresses, we can help you.

Our pragmatic and engaging approach teams up with your sponsor and finance to re set the benefits baseline, focusing on the highest rated opportunities.

We then use smart software to define the evaluation criteria that the process teams will work with to determine if the benefits are going to be realised.

If you are a sponsor, it is critical that you do this before you invest, but if you have missed that step, we can re set the benefits plan mid-stream or post execution to recommend approach, scope and design changes to bring the project back on track for value creation.

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